Nissan Debuts Automated Towing System | EV Meme

Nissan has introduced Intelligent Vehicle towing (IVT), a fully automated vehicle towing system to be used at its Oppama Plant in Japan. The IVT system uses a Nissan LEAF modified with the company’s prototype autonomous driving system and the newly-developed IVT. It will tow trailers and vehicles around the plant …

Jaguar I-Pace Unveiled as Jag’s First Battery-Electric Vehicle

Jaguar unveiled a new production concept, the I-Pace, a battery-electric sport utility vehicle slated for production as a 2018 model. The BEV will have a four-second 0-60 mph time, a range of over 500 kilometers (311 miles), and a 90kWh battery with rapid-charge capability. Read more at

Yet Again, Politics Get In the Way.. or do they? |

CODA Automotive has announced that they’re abandoning plans to build a lithium-ion battery factory in Columbus, Ohio. This because long delays have made it clear that the Department of Energy (DOE) will not likely act on their 0-million loan application for the project. The Columbus Dispatch blames the issue on …

Remember that Masterpiece of British Engineering? It Broke Again |

Back when it debuted in December, the new Routemaster bus, designed completely in the United Kingdom and touted as a “masterpiece of British engineering“, broke down on its maiden voyage because those Brit engineers forgot to put fuel in it. Now, just a couple of months after its debut, the …

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