New data from Canada shows cold weather range loss in Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt – Torque News

The maximum range for any electric vehicle is to be had at around a 60-75 degree Fahrenheit “Goldilocks zone,” data from a Canadian fleet management company suggests. Outside of that, range degradation begins to seriously impact performance in an EV. Read more at

GAC E-JET Concept – China’s answer to the Volt

The Chinese are working diligently to enter the world marketplace in auto manufacturing. Several attempts at future cars with various alternative fuel options and drive trains have so far largely been failures. This new, more modern-contemporary coupe-sedan design, however, and its advanced drive train may be the one that makes …

Volt continues to be top-selling plug-in in US | About Alternative Cars

The Chevrolet Volt was the top-selling plug-in vehicle (PEs) in the US in June 2012, posting 1,760 units, up 213.7% by volume from the 561 units in June 2011. For the first six months of the year, Volt sales reached 8,817 units, up 221.2% from 2,745 units in the first …

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