Bugatti revisits racing car royalty with Baby II tribute roadster

To celebrate its 110th anniversary, Bugatti is revisiting a racing car icon. As a collaboration between Bugatti and Junior Classics, the Bugatti Baby II is an electric 3/4-scale tribute to the Type 35 and the original Bugatti Baby model it spawned. Like the original Baby, only 500 of the new …

The Tree of Hope tribute statue completed by JAMA as tribute to tsunami victims

Technicians from Japan’s largest automakers came together to craft a steel replica of the ippon matsu tree, symbol of the tsunami’s impact on Japan’s Iwate Prefecture. The steel tree stands as a tribute to the thousands who remain displaced. Read more at Torque News.

Buick recalls the ‘Hot Rod of World War II’ in a heavy metal tribute

Tuesday was Victory in Europe (VE) day and to commemorate the day on Buick’s 110th anniversary, the company turned back the clock to a time when heavy metal meant not loud guitars and big hair, but machines that sported huge guns and tracks instead of wheels. Yes, the Hot Rod …

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