Hyundai teases fuel cell big rig concept ahead of IAA

The Hyundai Motor Company has teased a hydrogen fuel cell big rig ahead of the upcoming IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 exposition. Promising a European launch of the truck in 2019, Hyundai released an image and a vague statement about the vehicle before its official debut. Read about this at

Jeep teases all-new 2018 Wrangler ahead of LA Auto Show

Currently in its third generation, the Jeep Wrangler is instantly recognizable. A descendent of the Willys Jeep of the Second World War, the Wrangler entered the market in 1987 on the YJ chassis and progressed through the TJ and current JK chassis. Jeep has teased its fourth-generation Wrangler coming for …

Dodge teases drool-worthy Challenger GT AWD concept

Few things can elicit the kind of drooling amongst American muscle car fans that a Dodge Challenger GT with all-wheel drive can. We’re talking Mississippi River-scale mouth water followed, inevitably, by the Noah-sized flood of tears once it’s realized that this is only a concept. Sorry, Mopar lovers, the Challenger …

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