2022 Chrysler Pacifica review

This full walkaround and interior review of the 2022 Chrysler Pacifica shows off how this “old” minivan still sets the benchmark for the category. Warning: this review is long, you see my (clothed) butt at one point, and there’s a vacuum hose showcased at one point. Plus the sound is off since my recorder didn’t actually record. Yes, I still have high production values.


2022 Kia Carnival Sets a New Bar

The 2022 Carnival is the new minivan (sorry.. multipurpose vehicle) from Kia. It will replace the Sorento and it’s a very, very good replacement. With technology aplenty, huge amounts of interior room, and more cargo space than a Suburban, the Kia Carnival sets a new benchmark for the minivan segment. Plus it gets decent fuel economy and is nice to drive. To say Aaron was impressed would be an understatement.


2022 Kia Carnival review

The Kia Carnival is the replacement for the Sedona minivan. The Carnival shares many of the high points of the Sedona, but adds a more modern touch and an even better interior. There are a host of high points with this van, the only downer being that there is no all-wheel drive or hybrid option. Yet.

Gary Sinise Foundation: https://www.garysinisefoundation.org/


2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid review

The Sienna has been completely redone for 2021, with an all-new everything. The only thing Toyota left intact was the Sienna’s extremely spacious interior. Everything else? Totally new. Here’s what it’s got and why I think this minivan is everything from lowest end cheap model to top end luxury offering. It’s the family van that fits every need. Check it out.


For a full interior walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXezfve1QhQ


2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid interior walkthrough

The Sienna minivan from Toyota is completely new for this year and the hybrid model is probably the most interesting upgrade. This full walkthrough looks at the front driver’s controls, the front seating area, the middle row of seating, the third row, and the cargo area. There’s a lot to cover.

Watch for a full review of the van coming soon.


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