Aaron Answers: What are the best fuel saving tips for driving a manual car?

My answer: The general caveats for getting the best fuel economy out of any vehicle (combustion or no) apply to those with manual transmissions as well. This includes light-weighting the car (not carrying a lot of junk), having optimal tire pressures, keeping the bodywork clean and smooth to minimize airflow obstructions, …

Switch from autonomous driving to manual control opens window of risk

On the road towards fully autonomous vehicles, there will be a period of transition where people will be required to retake control from autonomous systems at certain times, as is currently the case with Tesla’s Autopilot. Researchers at Stanford University have been looking specifically at this handover period and found …

The Great Oil Change Debate – 3,000 Miles or Owner’s Manual Recommend?

One of our top mechanics, JerryH20, posted one of the most-often asked questions of mechanics everywhere. The question in our Ask a Mechanic forum was “Oil Change Debate: 3000 or Ownr Manual Recommendation??” (See it here) The reason this question is controversial is because of the change in thought from …

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