Review: 2018 Jeep Compass Isn’t the Cheap Jeep Anymore

Our default station in my household is SiriusXM’s channel 38, Ozzy’s Boneyard. In the Jeep Compass, that station seemed to fit, so we kept it. We drove the 2018 Jeep Compass as a family vehicle and enjoyed it. Fit for some urban use, the Compass is also a good suburbanite …

Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn talks self-driving cars and says tech isn’t the problem

Few chief executives have as much to say and are as listened-to in the industry as is the Nissan-Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn. When he talks, the industry listens and lately, he’s talking about self-driving cars. The problem, of course, isn’t lack of technology. Read more about it at

2013 Toyota RAV4 Limited – Being The Little Guy Isn’t Always So Bad

The Toyota RAV4 is the little brother in Toyota’s lineup of crossovers and SUVs. It’s also one of the most popular, being smaller than the Highlander and far more fuel efficient than the 4Runner. With the revamp for the 2013 model year, though, the 2013 Toyota RAV4 Limited becomes a …

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