Hyundai heats up its i30 hatch with N performance trim

Having established its high performance N sub-brand in 2015, and followed up with some impressive concept cars, Hyundai has unveiled the first production vehicle to be released under the N banner. With the i30 N, the Korean automaker says it wants to bring “”exhilarating driving pleasure” to the masses, and judging by the …

HAZUMI – Mazda Unveils The Hot Hatch We All Wish They’d Make – Guys Gab

Hatchback subcompacts come in two general flavors: boring and boring-er. Sure, sometimes they come in overpriced excellence, but usually only in Europe (think: MiTo). Tuesday, at the Geneva International Motor Show, the Mazda HAZUMI was unveiled. It’s the hot little hatch that all of us would want to own. Stop …

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