Why is Diesel More Efficient Than Gasoline?

In this question and answer video, Aaron answers a question about gasoline versus diesel fuels. Why is diesel more efficient? It comes down to physics and the properties of both the fuels and the engines that use them. Check it out.


Aaron Answers: What are the best fuel saving tips for driving a manual car?

My answer: The general caveats for getting the best fuel economy out of any vehicle (combustion or no) apply to those with manual transmissions as well. This includes light-weighting the car (not carrying a lot of junk), having optimal tire pressures, keeping the bodywork clean and smooth to minimize airflow obstructions, …

Fleet of Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks to roll out from 2019

Hyundai Motor has teamed with H2 Energy to build 1,000 fuel cell-electric trucks for the Swiss market. The commercial trucks will begin rolling out in 2019, which will likely make Hyundai the first company to commercially produce a heavy-duty truck powered by fuel cells. Read about it at New Atlas.

Hyundai teases fuel cell big rig concept ahead of IAA

The Hyundai Motor Company has teased a hydrogen fuel cell big rig ahead of the upcoming IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 exposition. Promising a European launch of the truck in 2019, Hyundai released an image and a vague statement about the vehicle before its official debut. Read about this at NewAtlas.com.

Toyota reveals Project Portal Beta fuel cell truck

Toyota has unveiled its second prototype of the Project Portal hydrogen fuel cell truck. This “Beta,” as Toyota refers to it internally, is the second iteration of the truck, adding more range, more room in the cab, and better usability. This is a more commercially-viable truck, Toyota says. Read about …

FedEx Express delivers the goods with fuel cell-powered truck

FedEx Express is currently operating the first fuel cell electric delivery van for on-road use in North America. The zero emission van is a collaboration between Workhorse Group and Plug Power and is based on Workhorse’s electric delivery van, using Plug Power’s hydrogen fuel cell to recharge. Read about it …

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