Review: 2019 Ford Raptor benefits from new off-road tech

The 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor upgrades the now-legendary off-pavement dirt flinger with some added goodies. These improve the Raptor’s already impressive off-road performance with better digging, crawling, and bouncing capabilities. We loved the redneck dream truck in 2017 and love it even more now. Read the full review at

Ford steps away from DSRC, embraces 5G cellular for connected vehicles

A few years ago, the talk for vehicle communications, including vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure/grid (V2I/V2G) was all about Wi-Fi – to the point that the US regulators were considering saving a band for it. Now, Ford has gone all-in with 5G instead. Read about this change at New Atlas.

Fleet of Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks to roll out from 2019

Hyundai Motor has teamed with H2 Energy to build 1,000 fuel cell-electric trucks for the Swiss market. The commercial trucks will begin rolling out in 2019, which will likely make Hyundai the first company to commercially produce a heavy-duty truck powered by fuel cells. Read about it at New Atlas.

Life-size Bugatti Chiron made from a million Legos … and it actually drives

A bit too late to order a coveted Bugatti Chiron? More of a do-it-yourselfer? Why not make one from Lego Technic parts? That’s what Lego has done, building a full-sized, functioning Chiron almost entirely from Legos, right down to the powerplant. It may not be fast, but it’s really dang …

Ford draws inspiration from SUVs for new Fiesta Active crossover

Ford has reinvented the Fiesta as the all-new Fiesta Active, which the company says is the first in a family of “Active crossover” models planned by the company. Inspired by sport utility crossovers, the Fiesta Active jumps into the active sport activity vehicle market popularized in Europe by BMW. Read …

Tesla Semi will face stiff competition from Mercedes-Benz in electric truck movement

While Tesla Semi “leaks” and spy footage continue to emerge and drive up interest in Elon Musk’s upcoming, all-electric truck, other companies that already have a long history in the transportation industry have been plugging away at making electric trucks, including on-road test models and, in some cases, production models that …

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