2023 Ford Expedition Timberrrrrrr-line Review

The Expedition is a full-sized (and then some) SUV. Based on the F-150, the Expedition seats up to 8 and has good towing capability and other options. After a road trip and some mud, Aaron learned that this is a solid off-roader too. The Timberline package adds more engine power, some off-road goodies, and cool orange badging.


Our Family Vehicle Picks and REACTION to Each Others’ List

In this episode, Kristin and Aaron pick their favorite family vehicles in the midsized 2-row, midsized 3-row, minivan, and full-sized SUV categories. With two picks each for every category, it’s quite the list. To simplify, the timestamps below will take you to each category and show you our picks for them. So feel free to skip ahead as needed to find what you might be looking for.


2020 Ford Expedition Is Big Goodness For the Family

The 2020 Ford Expedition is a big, well-made sport utility that straddles a line between being a traditional body-on-frame SUV and a more car-like crossover. With tons of interior room and excellent capability, it’s a solid choice in family hauling. In the FX4 off-road package, it’s also a great weekend getaway to wherever machine.


2020 Ford Expedition review

A full review of the 2020 Ford Expedition in its FX4 packaging. Ready for off-road and excellent family hauling in one package? Here ya go.

The Expedition straddles a line between being a body-on-frame (truck-based) SUV in the traditional sense and a car-like crossover. The truck basis it has gives it a lot of capability while a slight change to the chassis adds the interior room expected of a crossover.

Check out this review and see the interior walkthrough as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxHYUZcqexI

Our Top 5 Favorite Vehicles for 2019

Kristin and Aaron pick their top five favorite vehicles for 2019. These are attainable, everyday vehicles that we think exemplify the segments they’re in and were all favorites from our drives this year. What about yours? Got a favorite? Let us know!

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