Quarantine Activities You Can Do in the Car

If you’re keeping socially distanced during the coronavirus epidemic and aren’t under shelter in place orders, there are things you and your family can do to keep entertained. Your car can help and these are all things that don’t involve social contact or germ trading risks. Have fun and stay healthy!


Winter Driving, Vacation Road Closures, and Other Good Times in Wyoming

During a recent road trip, the occasional perils of driving across Wyoming in the winter were highlighted for us. A good vehicle, some contingency planning, and a little situational awareness went a long way toward keeping everyone safe. Our road trip took us across Interstate 80, which runs west-to-east across …

Aaron Answers: What are the best fuel saving tips for driving a manual car?

My answer: The general caveats for getting the best fuel economy out of any vehicle (combustion or no) apply to those with manual transmissions as well. This includes light-weighting the car (not carrying a lot of junk), having optimal tire pressures, keeping the bodywork clean and smooth to minimize airflow obstructions, …

Gettin’ High on Altitude At the 2018 Rocky Mountain Driving Experience

Every year, the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press (RMAP) puts together a signature driving event for its journalists. This year, the Rocky Mountain Driving Experience (RMDE) took place at Woolley’s Classic Suites in Aurora, Colorado. Journalists gathered to meet and greet, say hi to friends and new faces alike from automotive …

Turning up the heat at the 2018 Rocky Mountain Redline Ice Driving Adventure

Driving a vehicle on ice usually means being careful and very slow so as not to slide or lose control. These things were completely thrown out the window on our visit to Winter Park, Colorado, for the 2018 Rocky Mountain Redline Ice Driving Adventure, where we were lucky enough to …

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