2020 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV interior walkthrough

In this shaky cam interior review, I look at the plug-in hybrid Outlander from Mitsubishi. This is a smartly done PHEV that fits the family, is fuel efficient, and that drives fairly well. It suffers from a few of the general flaws of the Outlander, but fixes several of them as well. This is a simple, good-sized, and efficient family hauler that makes the idea of an electric vehicle a no-brainer.


2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro interior walkthrough

In this shaky cam interior walkthrough, I look at the 2020 Tacoma in its TRD Pro package. With a snorkel! And some green paint! This is a pretty sweet off-road pickup with tons of fun added. Did Toyota miss the mark in a few places? Sure. Is it great anyway? Yeppers. Check out the new Taco’s interior here.


Mercedes Benz Sprinter interior walkthrough

This interior walkthrough is in the 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 in its passenger van setup. With seating for 12, a high roof that allows someone over six feet tall to stand up inside, and cargo space for days, the Sprinter is a big van with a great setup. Check it out.


2020 Lexus NX interior walkthrough

In this walkthrough, I get into the 2020 Lexus NX in its 300 F Sport package. This is a great small crossover for the price and audience it’s intended for. The F Sport, however, does screw it up by making the ride rough without adding a lot of “sport.” In any other package, though, this is a great little crossover-SUV. Check it out.


2020 BMW X7 interior walkthrough

Following up on the interior walkthrough of the X6 last week, I get into the bigger X7 in a much higher trim level (it has an “M” in it). Going up in price by about half again, the X7 offers a ton of goodness for the power SUV lover. Here’s every detail plus a few references back to the X6 for comparison.

X6 Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czQM1vwoxfI


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