This Indian Hooligan eBike Is a BLAST

Indian Motorcycles has a new electric bicycle called the Hooligan. Technically it’s the eFTR Hooligan, but just “hooligan” sounds way better. This is a well-named machine that’s a ton of fun to ride both on the bike path and out in the dirt. Check it out!

2023 Volkswagen Taos Ticks Every Box

In the realm of small to compact sport utilities, the Taos fits where the Tiguan used to. The Tiguan has grown and as a result, VW needed a new vehicle to fit the small slot that it used to be in. Enter the Taos, introduced last year.

The VW Taos is right-sized, well-designed, and a good drive. It has a large cargo area, good seating, and an affordable price point.

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