2022 Toyota Supra walkaround review

The Toyota Supra debuted as a new revival of a sports car made popular decades ago. The 2022 model this time around is a four-cylinder turbocharged offering versus the six-cylinder version I drove last year. It’s way better than I thought it’d be!

6-cyl model review (with terrible audio): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z20nGQVWM9o


2021 BMW 430i Convertible review

In this review, I look at the beautiful BMW 430i Convertible. The new BMW 4 Series is a nicely done set of automobiles and the convertible is about as good as it gets here. Too bad about that grille, though.


2022 BMW MINI 2 Door Hardtop JCW review

In this review, I look at the 2022 MINI in its 2-door hardtop version with the John Cooper Works packaging. This is a quick and dirty review, done on the fly in my driveway. It focuses on what’s changed for the car and the price tag for the whole shebang.


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