Q&A: Is Biden’s 50% by 2030 Realistic?

In this question and answer, I try to answer the many questions posed to me regarding President Biden’s announcement that fifty percent of all vehicles sold in 2030 will be electric. It’s a difficult question and there are unavoidable politics involved. But I outline 7 things that have to be overcome (and are not clearly being addressed) for that goal to be achieved.

Get a coffee or something. This is a long one.

And PLEASE watch the entire thing before commenting. Your forthcoming rant will be belittled if you clearly haven’t.


Q&A: What Are Automotive Buying Behaviors?

In this question and answer session, I answer a question about buying behaviors in automotive. Relating specifically to new car buying, I note the three primary motivations for automakers and how they market towards consumers as well as the three primary “in the moment” motivators for buyers who are looking for a new vehicle.


Q&A: Why Aren’t They Making Cars Anymore?

Sedans and many coupes are leaving the American marketplace and there are many reasons for it. Most of them are cultural and about marketing. Are automakers evil, greedy companies looking to rip us off with more SUVs, or is there more to this exodus of the car?


Q&A: How Do You Get These Cars?

The question I get asked most often is “How do you get these cars you drive?” The answer is simple. Or not. Depending on how much detail you want. Most of it comes down to the symbiotic relationship between automotive manufacturers and automotive journalists. Here’s the skinny.

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