Aaron Turpen: When It Comes To Minivans, The Kia Carnival’s My MVP

Automotive columnist Aaron Tupen writes, “Of all of the minivans I’ve driven in today’s market, the Kia Carnival is my favorite, and not just because its name makes me think of half-dressed samba. It’s the only peppy, good-handling minivan of the current crop.” Read about it at CowboyStateDaily.com.

Aaron Turpen: Drive A Ram Truck Or Tesla? Data Says You’re A Bad Driver

Using data from consumer disclosures and insurance claims across the U.S., Lending Tree has released its annual “worst drivers” list. This includes national data and state-by-state data. You might be surprised at who tops the list. Read this one at CowboyStateDaily.com.

Aaron Turpen: 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E EV Floats My Boat

Automotive writer Aaron Turpen writes, “The new 2023 Mustang Mach-E drives really well, can blow the doors off almost any other vehicle around it and it’s comfortable. Plus, it has somewhere between 247 and 312 miles of range, depending on which model you choose.” Read this review at CowboyStateDaily.com.

Aaron Turpen: The Indian Hooligan e-Bike Is The Coolest Thing Since, Well, Ever

For a couple of weeks, I had the one thing my 12-year-old self would have sold his soul for. I had an electric bicycle from Indian Motorcycles that has a top speed of 28 mph and fat, knobby tires for throwing up dirt and flying across the countryside. Read about …

The Aragon Collection — Four Generations Of Corvettes And Other Beauties

When I first moved to Cheyenne from Pine Bluffs, I quickly learned that my across-the-street neighbor, Alex, loved General Motors vehicles. He and his wife had a handful of really great cars. Since then, they’ve added to the collection at the Aragon house. Even though I don’t live across the …

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