Figure Humanoid Robots To Begin Work in BMW’s South Carolina Plant

Despite the similarity in looks to the Terminator cyborg, Figure’s general purpose humanoid robots (aka “Figure 01”) are being accepted as a next-generation tool for automotive manufacturing. BMW will begin using the robots in its South Carolina plant soon. Training of the machine-learning humanoid robots is underway, though Figure and …

2024 Lexus TX interior walkthrough

In this quick interior walkthrough, we look at all of the switchgear and controls in the 2024 Lexus TX. A few things will change with the upcoming hybrid model, but in the standard TX 350, things are quite different from other Lexus models.

See the full exterior walkaround here:

Review: 2024 Lexus TX walkaround

In this walkaround review, I look at the all-new Lexus TX. Based on the Toyota Grand Highlander, the TX fills a niche that Lexus has been missing for a long time. And it’s a great entry for that purpose.

See the interior walkthrough here:

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