The Jeep Renegade Is The Jeepiest Of Little Jeeps

Over the years, Jeep has tried and mostly failed with their compact and small crossover offerings. The now-defunct Liberty and probably soon-to-disappear Patriot were good tries, but not very successful. They lacked the essential Jeepness that makes a Jeep what it is. At their heart, Jeep vehicles are good off-road, sure, but they’re also reminders of the days past when a serious off-road vehicle could also double as a (really rough) daily drive and everyone felt rugged for having one.

The recent small models from Jeep have been a bit too campy and unsure of themselves, losing that rugged appeal in a grasp for the elusive “fun factor.” Finally, though, Jeep has figured it out and this time around, the Renegade has it.


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