Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center Brings the Beauty of Colorado To the Blind

At the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC), they literally teach the blind to ski. Among many other feats. The BOEC is now a global outreach program, reaching out to those who do not have the ability and showing them that they really do. Nothing is impossible, no matter what challenges are faced. From showing quadriplegics how to traverse a ropes course high up in the air to giving an amputee the opportunity to see what fly fishing is like, the BOEC’s volunteers and programs can do what seems impossible.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the BOEC in Breckenridge, Colorado and see first hand what their operations are like, how they accomplish what they do, and learn the challenges this non-profit organization faces. Although the BOEC has grown to international fame and has managed to accomplish the above mentioned feats of impossibility, the organization faces hard obstacles of its own.

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