A Quick Overnight “Scouting Trip” to Sinks Canyon

We had a couple of days of weekend open and wanted to get some camping in. The weather was chilly, though, and unpredictable (fall at high altitude in Wyoming), so we did want to play it safe. Kids in tow, we brought up the state parks website and reserved a yurt. Then we loaded up and headed to Lander, Wyoming for an overnight adventure in Sinks Canyon.

Sinks Canyon lies just southwest of Lander, in the Wind River Mountains. A river flows through the canyon, passing through the opening created by glaciers in primordial times. Our purpose for this trip was to do some recon in and around the area so we’d have more information for a longer stay sometime in the future. We marked our trip as successful in its primary mission and also in its secondary mission of having a great outdoor experience.

Read more at Wyoming Parent.

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