The 2014 Lexus ES350 Is Everything The First Lexus Should Be

About twenty-five years ago, Lexus was born as the luxury arm of the Toyota brand in the United States. The first car they introduced was an entry-level luxury sedan called the ES. It was heralded then as a top-shelf new entry in the luxury market. Fast forward a quarter century and you have the 2014 Lexus ES350, the latest rendition of that ES and one that continues to hold a high bar for the segment.


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  1. I’d keep in mind maintenance costs. Having owned BMW’s and Audi’s in the past, I can say they don’t come cheap ulnses it’s under warranty. I think if you buy CPO’d, that’s the way to go. Heck, you’re looking at around 30-40% after a couple years depreciation. That’s where the smart money should go. The 335i had some issues in it’s earlier form. Great car and choices should be abundant since they’ve been out for awhile. The IS 350 is a great car and Lexus provides awesome customer service. My parents have had always good things to say about their visits (service/maintenance/purchase). The 370z is a great car. Fun to drive and a real looker. You’ll have to get one a few years old to fit your budget. The car does horribly in Seattle fall/winter weather. If it’s slick or frosty outside, traction is always a problem WITH the stock OEM summer tires. Grab some high performance all-seasons and you should be good to go. I have mixed reviews on the 430. I have a neighbor with one. He’s always complaining about this and that. For what he paid, there’s quite a few choices. My personal favorite is my Audi S5. I’d love to give the newer S4 s a try as well. Good luck in your search!

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