Aaron Turpen: Musings On School Zones and Cheyenne’s Illiterate Drivers

I spend a lot of time at school. Or at least, in school zones. I have three kids and that means two different school drop offs in the morning and three different pickups in the afternoons. I always arrive early for both. Because I’ve learned, after three kids through elementary, that’s a lot easier than trying to skin-of-your-teeth the timing.

While sitting in those school zones, I often listen to the radio and observe the other parents. People watching is a favorite pastime and I indulge as often as possible. What I notice in school zones is both frightening and amusing at the same time. In the same way that watching videos on Yellowstone National Park: Invasion of the Idiots is. You know bad things might happen, but you’re unable to stop them and can only take solace in the dark humor that they present.

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