2018 Ram Ram Pickup 3500

For those who live in a world where towing massive amounts of cargo is required, but need something more versatile than a semi-truck, there’s the heavy-duty pickup truck. The 2018 Ram 3500 fits in that small category of massive vehicles. Similar in design to the Ram 2500 below it, the Ram 3500 is made a little stouter and a little more capable in order to push the limits.

The maximum towing load for the 2018 Ram 3500 is over 31,000 pounds and its maximum payload is over 7,300 pounds. Those are some big numbers and the truck has to be big to match that. Which it is.

New for 2018 in the Ram 3500 is a standard rearview camera, standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and a few upgrade options for the infotainment that weren’t available before.

Read the full review at iSeeCars.com.

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