2018 Ram 2500: Ram Gave Us a Truck, We Towed a Boat

Pickup trucks are useful things to have around. Especially heavy-duty trucks like the Ram 2500. This big, burly, towing machine has a maximum tow rating of 17,980 pounds (about 9 tons). So when Ram Truck asked us if we wanted to test drive their 2018 Ram 2500, we immediately started looking around to find something to tow. Anything larger than a jet ski or a teardrop camper would do. We ended up with a huge pontoon boat and a fun day on the water with the Wyoming Air National Guard!

We often think of pickups via their “tough guy” personas or “wannabe rancher” cliches. What gets forgotten is that more trucks are sold in this country than any other type of vehicle. Mostly to people who use them, at least occasionally, to do the kind of work pickups are designed for. Here in Wyoming, for example, pickup trucks are used to pull livestock trailers, haul fencing and feed, to move home improvement goods, and to pull boats and RVs. Just to get started on their uses.

“Maybe city folks don’t understand that,” my friend Rod has said, “but city folks don’t understand a lot of things.”

See the review at ManTripping.com.

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