How to do a strut replacement

Step 1) Bitch and moan about having to replace said strut.

Step 2) Lift the side you’re to be working on.

Step 3) Set it back down to loosen the lug nuts.

Step 4) Lift it back up, remove wheel.

Step 5) Realize you didn’t put the jack stand underneath. Put it under there.

Step 6) Stare at the strut and get ulcers thinking about how much of a PIA it is to get to it all.

Step 7) Start disconnecting linkages and whatnot.

Step 8) Swear.

Step 9) Sit down for a moment to get your bearings and to make a list of friends you have who own cutting torches.

Step 10) Continue disassembling things to remove said strut.

Step 11) Swear.

Step 12) Hit knuckle on something. Swear creatively.

Step 13) Stare at it for a while.

Step 14) Call in favors, have your friend who’s a mechanic show up to “coach” you on the job.

Step 15) Produce beers from fridge.

Step 16) Drink beer with mechanic friend while you talk about how best to get around the mess you’ve made.

Step 17) Get friend buzzed enough that he does the job for you.

Step 18) Drive drunk friend home.

Step 19) Smile at your brilliance.

Step 20) Realize on the way home that something is “shimmying.”

Step 21) Take car to shop the next day, find out wheel is bent.

Step 22) @#^$#@!@^@#%$$ car.

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