2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk – Get There and Do Stuff

The Jeep nameplate is synonymous with offroad capability. In fact, the idea of going off the road and into the wild unknown is often called “going down the Jeep trail.” Sometimes, living up to this kind of expectation is not easy when you’re a mere crossover rather than a full-blown sport utility. If your name is Cherokee Trailhawk, though, you can do it. Easily.

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  1. Francisco

    I used to run the T/A KO’s on my ’98 Wrangler Sport, they are a nice tire but mine wore out really fast. When they were bald I put on a lift, new whlees and 33 10.5 BF Goodrich mud terrain KM2 tires. They are a nice looking mud tire that still runs very quiet on paved roads, I didn’t notice any difference in tire noise between the T/A KO’s and the KM2 s. They have them in a ton of sizes so I’m sure you could find them in the size you need. The best part is that so far I’ve put 20,000 miles on my KM2 s and the tread has gone from 19/32 to about 7/16 with mostly highway driving and rotations every 3,000 miles including the spare, so it looks like they will have a pretty respectable tread life.

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