Best Vehicle Choices for Single Parents

In this video, I begin a series of videos aimed towards identifying the best options for different buyers. Single parents, whether full-time or part-time custodians, have unique needs. If you have one or two kids and need a good vehicle for everyday that balances price, efficiency, and spaciousness, this list should get you started in your shopping process.

I don’t rank vehicles in a “top 5” or “best to worst” because everyone has different styles, wants, and needs. Instead, view these as a shopping list you can start from. I’ll do more videos aimed towards other demographics soon.

The choices for single parents are split into two groups: crossovers and cars. If you’d prefer one or the other, the lists are separated in the video and below. If you aren’t sure, look at both lists and go from there. The lists and my commentary organizes these vehicles by manufacturer in alphabetical order.

Below are links to reviews I’ve written for each of the vehicles detailed in this video.

Crossovers for single parents:
Honda Passport –

Mazda CX-5 –

Mitsubishi Outlander –

Subaru Forester –

Toyota RAV4 – Coming soon

Cars for the single parent:

Honda Insight –

Kia Forte –

Mazda 3 Hatch – Coming soon

Subaru Outback –

Toyota Camry Hybrid –

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