1965 Dodge Dart GT convertible

I had the chance to drive a classic piece of Americana, a 1965 Dodge Dart GT convertible owned by Rob Stevens of Bluffs Insurance Agency in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.  It is a beautiful car and was a true treat to drive.

I did a complete writeup on FutureCars.com (see it here), but my last two paragraphs there sum up the whole experience:

In that seat, you realize that while this car may not have starred in any major motion pictures or had famous Hollywood faces seen through its windshield with a blue screen of fake roadway behind them, it has a feel that is much more authentic. It’s history, in your hands and under your tush. Your feet touch pedals that respond not with screaming power, but with thoughts of gliding, cruising, taking your best girl to the bluff or carrying baby and groceries home from the market. It cries for open highway not so you can stomp the pedal and see how much rubber will burn, but so you can sit back, relax, hold the wheel with one hand and put your other on your girl’s knee and just drive. Drive forever, thanks to the high mileage it offers, and drive in style thanks to the beautiful suspension of yesteryear.

That’s the Dart that I drove. Cars today could learn from that. Fuel efficiency is one thing, but a beautiful experience to go with it? That’s the a la mode.

Here are some of the photos I took of the car during our outing.  These were taken just outside of Pine Bluffs on highway 215 north towards Albin.

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