When Aircraft Become Cars – Guys Gab

We hear a lot about cars that want to be airplanes, but what about the airplanes that aspire to be cars?

Man has dreamed of flying since the day he began walking. The urge to take flight has manifest in many forms, from Icarus and his wings to the Montgolfier brothers in their balloon. this urge has taken.. well.. flight. Eventually, the Wright brothers figured out how to get themselves airborne and aircraft as we know them were born.

Once airplanes became relatively commonplace and capable of doing something other than making controlled crashes, automotive designers immediately began looking to them as inspiration whenever words like “streamlining” or “air flow” were muttered.

About a decade after the Wright brothers made their first glorified puddle jump, a man named Marcel Leyat invented a propeller-driven car that looked suspiciously like an airplane without wings.

From there, it was mostly downhill. With no brakes.

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