2013 Gering Nebraska Auto Show

The auto show in Gering, Nebraska is an annual event that has become Western Nebraska’s largest auto shows.  Entrants come from not only Nebraska, but Colorado, Wyoming, and even South Dakota and Montana. A few even cross the border from Canada.

This year’s show was the largest ever, with nearly 500 entrants in total.  Cars of all descriptions were on display and prizes were pretty great, including a 1970s El Camino, t-shirts, trophies, gift cards, tools, custom parts, and more.

I spent over four hours at the show and snapped over 850 photos.  I also met some very cool people with some great vehicles to show.  Here are some of the photos I took of the more memorable cars that were there.  Note that I generally avoided the heavily modified and post-1970 vehicles, though some of them were too good to pass by.  Also, many of the cars represented here had several year/make/model brethren, especially the Pontiac GTO and Chevrolet SS muscle cars.


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