We Put Crossover-SUVs To the Test In the High Country Snow

In a rare opportunity, we had the chance to pit four unlikely family crossovers against one another on the snow and the ice. We did so in the same location, on the same day, under the same conditions. Which is best for Wyoming’s weather? This is our attempt to find out.

The location was at high altitude in two separate places: one an empty, snow-covered parking lot with about five inches of the white stuff on a day whose temperature ranged from sub-20s in the morning to nearly 40F that afternoon. The second location was a frozen lake with nearly 20 inches of ice depth, blowing snow, and temperatures ranging from the mid-teens to about 30F. All four vehicles were driven at the same locations on those two days and all four were outfitted with brand new winter tires and all had all-wheel drive.

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