Honda Concept S to take on Prius v

Honda debuted new concept cars at the Beijing Auto Show including a new Concept S, a hybrid hatchback that will directly compete with Toyota’s Prius v hybrid.

Unlike the Toyota, however, this new Honda has a lot of style and, for its segment, some great looks.  It has a lower-appearing profile, but is actually about the same size as the Prius v.  That swooping style makes all the difference.

Taking cues from the company’s current lineup, the Concept S has a wedge-shaped front end that smoothly moves into the rest of the vehicle before cutting off at the hatch.  Wheels flung far-forward and back promise great handling and curved lines in the windows and beams finish off the speedy, air-cutting look.

Honda has not released a lot of information on the smiley-faced (look at the grille!) Concept S, outside of these conceptuals and the fact that it will be a hybrid.  It will likely sport the next-generation powertrain promised for the next rendition of the Insight, and Honda has said it will be a global vehicle, not restricted to Chinese markets alone.

If it comes to the U.S., it may expect to do as well as the Prius v has done so far.  It’s a segment in which Toyota currently enjoys a monopoly.

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