HAZUMI – Mazda Unveils The Hot Hatch We All Wish They’d Make – Guys Gab

Hatchback subcompacts come in two general flavors: boring and boring-er. Sure, sometimes they come in overpriced excellence, but usually only in Europe (think: MiTo).

Tuesday, at the Geneva International Motor Show, the Mazda HAZUMI was unveiled. It’s the hot little hatch that all of us would want to own.

Stop laughing. Sure, nobody likes hatchbacks because, as has been said, they’re usually boring. Well, not this one. You’re looking at another one of Mazda’s awesome KODO designs. The Soul of Motion hit us like Tyson on a drunken Saturday night with the beautiful Mazda6 and rabbit-punched for a follow up with the trendy little Mazda3. Now comes the big haymaker to follow that rabbit: HAZUMI.

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