2020 Ram Ram Pickup 3500

Heavy duty pickup trucks have been getting more and more capable. Almost to the point of ridiculousness. Often at the top of that heap, with many “best in class” boasts to prove it, is the Ram 3500. With up to 35,100 pounds of towing capacity, a huge interior, and beyond premium fitment in some models, the new Ram 3500 is more than just a workhorse.

The heavy duty pickup truck lineup from Ram Trucks saw a total makeover in 2019, marking the fifth generation of the Ram HD line. The Ram 3500, as the top consumer-grade model in that heavy duty series, was one of the more anticipated of those trucks. For 2020, Ram added a few more things, including some driver aid and safety options, a larger fuel tank option, and more.

From basic work truck to luxurious trailer puller, the 2020 Ram 3500 has a build option to fit most any need in the one-ton consumer or commercial pickup truck market. Below the Ram 3500 are the 2500 and 1500, both consumer-grade pickups with commercial options. Above the 3500 are the 4500 and beyond, even heavier-duty pickups largely aimed towards a commercial buyer.

For 2020, the Ram 3500 is offered in five trim levels, three cab configurations, two bed lengths, and both rear- or four-wheel drive. Most Ram 3500 models can also be had with a single or dual rear axle and any of three engines.

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