2018 BMW M550i : Review

The top performance model in the BMW 5 Series lineup, the 2018 BMW M550i is the model line’s muscle car, but with all of the refinement and top-shelf excellence we’d expect from a German-made sports sedan.

BMW reintroduced the 5 Series as a redesigned model for 2017, but was missing a muscular M series offering. Those came this year, with the M550i being the most powerful of the 5 Series on offer. We drove the 2018 M550i for a week and loved every minute of it.

This midsize luxury sports sedan offers power, luxury, and road handling well beyond any pure muscle car on the road. BMW knows how to build a true driver’s car and when they add their M badge to something, it means it’s gone past being merely great to drive and turned into something beautiful.

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