2014 Subaru Outback gallery

This is a gallery of the 2014 Subaru Outback, which does exceedingly well in heavy snow (as you’ll see). This is the most refined of the Subaru lineup and a very nicely made crossover. Most of these photos were taken on the Bluffs above Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.

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  1. John G

    I’ve owned 2 Outbacks and one Legacy. They were always great in the snow. Try this test to see if your Outback is AWD when in reverse: Find a deserted steep snowy/icy hill. Stop half way down. roll down driver’s window. Check your surroundings. Gun the car in reverse and see what happens. It is fun. I did this about 2005 because the dealer could not tell me if the car used all 4 wheels in reverse. That is sort of important when you decide how and where to park a car in the wicked winters we have around here. I always park nose out in “normal” cars in snowy weather.

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