Quora: A Ford technician stated that electric vehicles will always be a niche product, do you agree or disagree and why?

I’m assuming that by “technician” you mean “mechanic” and that this person works for a Ford dealership. Thus that person’s experience and expectation are different than would be, say, someone like myself who spends his time looking at the industry on the whole.

The Ford tech probably will lose most of his or her job description if most vehicles are made to be fully electric (battery or fuel cell, for example). Further, that person is only seeing and hearing what sales folks and the like are saying on the sales floor. My experience has been that most automotive salespeople have no idea what’s happening in the industry and are often badly versed in the products they do deal with. A salesperson’s job is not to know the product (contrary to what we might think) or to understand the industry. A salesperson’s job is to get people to buy product. That’s it.

As it is, electric cars are definitely going to become a large portion of the automotive market. The question is when, not if. Many are bullish on how fast this transition will occur. I’m not so much.

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