Aaron Turpen: Buying A Car At An Auction? Here’s What To Know So You Don’t Screw It Up

A lot of people in Wyoming are turning to automotive auctions as a way to get a vehicle. It’s easy to screw this up, though. Especially if you’re new to vehicle auctions. Let’s talk turkey so you don’t look like one.

With the used car market the way it is, a lot of car buyers are looking elsewhere for deals. Unfortunately, we can expect the new and used car markets to remain high for some time, thanks to supply chain shortages and the resulting glut of inventory. Because new cars are harder to come by (and thus more expensive), used cars are in high demand and also fetching premium prices. Some buyers see auctions as a potential way out of that.

While it’s true that vehicle auctions can be a way to save a lot of money on a vehicle purchase, it’s even easier to get stuck with a high-priced lemon instead. There are many types of vehicle auction, but many of them are only open to those holding an automotive dealer’s license. For the rest of us, there are public auctions.

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